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Full Version: Anyone good with BSOD debugging?
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Hello World,

Anyone here good with BSOD's, so if I give you the dump files and whatever other info you need you can please tell me why the ***k I keep getting them, specially now after I've just upgraded my pc and changed the mobo+proc+ram?
The more "dutiful" forums out there won't help me because "Oh my lord sir, you don't have a genuine windows and we are a bunch of little ****s that tremble all day in front of our mighty god Microsoft so we can't help you, heaven forfend we get fined."

Thank you.
I understand your anger. I had to contend with those "geeks" in that they look for reasons to make fun of you, and not to help you. They're a bunch of fuckers.
If you changed your hardware and are still using the same windows installation you will get all sorts of errors because many of the base drivers may (probably) need to be changed as well. Re-install windows from scratch.

If this does not apply, then never mind.
Yeap, well life sucks RobertX, get used it... Sad

Indeed Hypno that does not apply, fresh clean install(from a different .iso too that has all the updates till May 2017) is the first thing I did after installing the new hardware. I may not know a lot about bsod debugging mate, but I'm not a newb.

I was just hoping someone here with more knowledge could go a bit more in-depth into figuring out the problem. Because the only thing that I can do(someone reminded me about this on another tracker forum where I'm asking for help, and indeed it seems I already had the program kit saved somewhere from last year when I tried to deal with this) is run the Blue Screen View software.

But that didn't take me far. I guess I could post the results of that here too. So with that program I looked into the 3 dumps that I have at the moment, but they all have different causes:

- one pointed to ndis.sys as beeing the issue, so I checked the net and the only advice I found is that I should install a windows update, but I already have it(like I said, installed windows with all updates till May 2017);

- the second one pointed to serenum.sys, again checked google and based on that I ran System File Checker from windows which came clean and also ran sfc /scannow for the ram and this came clean as well;

- the third and final one(for now, sure to be getting more soon) pointed to dump_pciidex.sys to which google didn't have much to say except another microsoft hotfix that once again isn't applicable to my system cause I have all the updates.

Sooooo...... yeaaahhhh..... The other forum suggested I check my hdd's next using HD Tune, which I am about to do now, but other then that..... what are my options?
Well I ended up reinstalling windows from a different image and things seem ok for now. About 10 hours so far and no bsod. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Thanks for the help guys.