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Full Version: Bug: Long torrent titles break torrent upload form
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Chrome 58, Windows

The torrent upload form ( has two issues:

  1. The title input is too wide for the form and extends off the right side.
  2. When you enter a long title, the whole form suddenly jumps left, obscuring the left edge of the form.

There is no direct way to recover from the second issue. The only way to make the left edge visible again is to either reload the page, or inspect the page in the console and manually increase the width of the detailsframe div.

Both are shown in the attached GIF.
It's a simple issue that can be solved by tinkering with css
#detailsouterframe {
width: 65% !important;
get Stylish and create a new style for the upload page, then just paste that code, change it to your liking.