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Full Version: Do you still buy music CDs?
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I am keen to support artists
yup go to concerts if there not overcharging most dont.....
Well, last time i bought any cd was 3 years ago.
I used to. but got so fed up liking only one or two tracks on most CD's I bought, I packed that silly game up.
Especially when I found the torrent scene !!! :-)
Yes, but if compared with other digital sources, it will approximately = 1 CD : 100 other digital sources. Smile
Im not even gonna lie. Haven t bought a CD in YEARS.
I don't even remember when I bought CD/DVD last time.
Since TPB or KAT... I don't buy CDs anymore Tongue
I buy vinyl or CD, sometimes cassette. I have the whole stereo setup, Pioneer receiver, Sony 10 disc changer, JVC tape deck, and an Akai TT. I do often torrent an album and burn it too.
It's funny, cause yes I do still on occasion, very rarely though.....I went to see Third Day in concert live a couple years ago, and yes, I bought their album there.....directly from them (well....their merch guys....who I'm sure get a cut....but I'd bet they get far less of a cut than the RIAA)....anyways, yes I do.

But really, I went to the library the other day with a buddy of mine (his printer broke and couldn't be arsed to buy new ink) while he was printing stuff out I was shocked to see, they have on LOAN some of the newest DVD CDs......hell, they even had a VHS section....I was totally shocked.....haha.
I still buy CD's because I like the lossless audio. With more sophisticated speakers and headphones it is easy to tell the difference between 320kbps MP3 and FLAC. Unfortunately not so many people are interested in making FLAC versions of albums.
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