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Full Version: Do you still buy music CDs?
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your losses Tongue
I look at it this way.......the music industry asked to buy music on vinyl, then on 8-tracks, then on cassette tape, then on CDs, and now they want me to pay again for it in digital format over the ether. And a lot of it was the same the music, only in a different formats. I am not going to pay the [email=B@STARDS]B@STARDS[/email] another dime! I have come full circle, and only buy vinyl now.
I have bought some of the 70's pro rock mainly in the past, few solo's guitarists from 80's to 90's and still hunting some with original covers and box for collections and bragging purposes, few early 2000's indies and metals bands also for it's sentimental reasons and none for these age of music....there's none that worthy enough for my hard earned money to be spent of
I only buy music CD's to support new artists I like, everything else I torrentz.
To be honest, I never gave any though about this.

Since saving up money to buy an XBOX360, I have never bought any media at all, just blanks.
Rarely..But I bought The Bangles-Greatest Hits couple of months ago..Three Euros..Not that much for a CD that is in plastic..
Not any more
not since before napster have i bought any type of movie or cd. i will admit to renting a movie now and again if i cant find it on torrents.....
the reason is how greedy they are...
they can pay a actor 10 million to do a movie but scream about paying a couple of million in taxes and always cry about tax breaks until this type of greed stops i will never buy anything from the greedy bastards........
I understand the plight of pirates that made them not wanting to spend their savings on mediocre material.

However, I don't understand why they would do it out of spite.

If you don't agree with it, why pay?

Of course there are some things you need to pirate in order to update your knowledge and to use in everyday life, like Microsoft programs, but even those would be replaced eventually. Music CDs? In my opinion, no.
(Oct 02, 2015, 10:33 am)b2ux Wrote: [ -> ]until this type of greed stops i will never buy anything from the greedy bastards........

Same here. A cd album in the UK costs around £15 - I haven't been able to afford those prices for a long, long time and have never brought a brand new cd. I've gotten a few from charity shops and car boot sales but I'd actually consider it a blatant waste of money to spend 15 quid on what, 10 songs? Fuck that, that money can be put to better use like buying groceries and paying bills.

I am keen to support artists that I like though, and not wasting money on bits of overpriced plastic means I have the money to go see my favourite bands live in concert, or a full rock festival, prolly buy some merchandise while there, like t-shirts and stuff.
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