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Full Version: Do you still buy music CDs?
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I bought a cd back in 2002 promoting a friends band and havent bought one ever again so far, My son provides all the music in our
I don't remember the last time I bought a CD, lol.
No, and I can't get my wife to get rid of her damn collection that's only attracting dust bunnies!
Paid €14.00 for these in local charity shops, some old titles here and a few newer ones.
All goes into the collection.

Alison Krauss and Union Station [2004] Lonely Runs Both Ways
Amerie [2002] All I Have
Bananarama [1984] Bananarama
Barry Manilow [1983] A Touch More Magic (Greatest Hits Vol. II)
Chamillionaire [2007] Ultimate Victory
Del Amitri [2002] Can You Do Me Good
En Vogue [2010] Don't Let Go (The Very Best Of) 2CDs
Enigma [1998] Trilogy [3CDs]
Erasure [1991] Chorus
John Denver [2003] The Real John Denver [3CDs]
Justin Bieber [2011] Under The Mistletoe [CD+DVD]
Mica Paris [1999] The Best Of
Nicki Minaj [2010] Pink Friday
Sarah Brightman [2003] Harem [Digipak CD+DVD]
Simply Red [2003] The Very Best Of [2CDs]
The Everly Brothers [2001] 29 Golden Greats Live At The Alber Hall 2CD
The Wanted [2011] Battleground
The Terminator (OST) [1984]
Glee (TV series) [2012] Glee: The Music Presents Glease
I still buy CDs of bands I really like.
CD Albums €17.10 for all of them (with one mistake)
Most expensive was elvis costello at €1.50 and Dave Matthews the cheapest at €0.60cent

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger
The Mars Violta - De-Loused In The Comatorium
Stereophonics - Language Sex Violence Other CD+DVD
Elvis Costello - A This Useless Beauty €1.50
Les Miserables - Original London Cast
Dave Mathews = Some Devil 2CD €.60
LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking
Conor Maynard - Contrast
Jose Carreras / Natalie Cole / Placido Domingo - A Celebration Of Christmas
Enigma - A Posteriori
Texas - Careful What You Wish For
Tool - Anima
Kerbdog - On The Turn
Toni Braxton - Ultimate Toni Braxton 2CDs
DJ Sammy - Heave CD&DVD
Jaysean - All Or Nothing
Burlesque (OST)
The Wanted - The Wanted
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires [Missing the cd but worth it for the dvd]
Ne-Yo - Libra Scale
Eminem - Recovery [I couldnt remember that I had this album already and it was Relapse I was looking for, not an expensive mistake)
The "Do you still buy ___________?" thread seems to be repeat a lot on SuprBay.

Every first subject of this should be stickied. This way, no one will need to ask again.
I just bought all of Avantasia's studio Albums. Aren't I a Hero?
(Jan 06, 2014, 16:38 pm)Q91 Wrote: [ -> ]I just bought all of Avantasia's studio Albums. Aren't I a Hero?
Yes, you is.
i can not even remember last time i bought a music CD, the ones from mainstream, from the big corporations.
i support and sometimes i buy music cd's from independent musicians, on bandcamp and others
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