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Full Version: Do you still buy music CDs?
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not anymore. the last time i bought cds was when i was in college (2004-2005). theres this store that sells pirated cds (compilation of songs). i like it very much because it has many songs for a cheap price. but when i discovered torrenting in 2010 i did my own burning to cd/dvd to play to mp3 player/dvd player then later copy to usb to play to usb enabled player then later to android through bluetooth speaker. but before torrent days, i can get mp3 through kazaa, limewire and even on google. dont even ask me of casette tape days.
DVDs? CDs?

Count me in!
i own literally thousands of CD's and a shelf or two of DVD's, i love CD's
I think this poll should have "yes and no" as an option.

For example, there are media that I own but there are others that I would rather pirate.

I'm in between.
Do you play them on a walkman or a stereo or what? I own a few video game soundtracks.
I play them on a DVD player when I go on the treadmill.
It really depends. If it's something that I would gift to a friend, absolutely. I bought Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell CD on Bandcamp, it came with a digital copy, I gifted the CD to a friend.
I buy CDs of the stuff I really like originals of groups only.
Except in auction lots I have *never* bought a music CD.
And of those, sold them or tossed them.

Like vinyl, some have notable value. Especially if shrinkwrapped.
I mostly buy CD's now due to the things I'm looking for not having torrents available for them. Even then I like ripping my own discs to FLAC so I know where they came from and that they are high quality, and to keep them in pristine condition.
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