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Full Version: Do you still buy music CDs?
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Rarely, but I did buy Aborted Retrogore few days back, and it cranks!

If I had the coin to waste I guess I would, but what is the point ... sometimes it is better to turn on talk back radio Smile or some other channel ...
I bought my first CD this year because i wanted to support the artist, and i have torrented his stuff enough lol.
the most recent cd i bought was abba greatest hits cd - great for falling asleep!
but that was a while ago when i had spare cash ,these days i dont.
i recently discovered a shitload of female fronted ,mostly symphonic metal bands uploaded by (Clean Mp3) to alt.binaries.mp3
Someone should sticky this.
Most of my material comes from TPB, for a first listen. If it is worthwhile, and I have money spare, I buy the CD.
There are a few artists I buy blind from, because I want the physical CD, and my small contribution to the artist.
Not very often that I still buy from retailers - I mostly order online, direct from the artist's website, hoping most of the proceeds actually go to the artist, and not to the retailer and record company.
Whilst I appreciate the costs that go into the recording process, marketing, printing, etc etc etc, there is only so much I am willing and able to spend..
Bought the last music cd in 2014. It was an Eminem's album. Nothing after that.
nope, since 13 years
I want to buy collectible CDs Big Grin
I buy them only because some bands are worth to have in CD is you want to do a rip or take them in a car that doesn't have aux cord input.
nah havent bought any new music cds in like 3 years
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