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Full Version: Favourite DVD Scratch Repair Kit
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Hey everyone.

I am looking for a good product that can clean away DVD scratches from retail DVDs.

Some of my DVDs, when played on Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 7 and VLC for Linux Mint 18.1, skip and freeze. When I play them on a TV DVD Player, they play all right.

I've heard of Aleratec and SkipDoctor, and they are expensive at best. Keep in mind though, that if at a last resort, I will use them.

So, what do you recommend?
There are numerous disc cleaners available you can buy of the shelf. Or just try rubbing a banana and then wipe it off, some hack i came across.
My Star Trek: First Contact DVD does have scratches, and I bought it ten years ago.

Is time of the essence when buying those kits?
The banana will start to decay after a few days, it goes from green to yellow and then brown.