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Full Version: Optiplex GX270 Hard Drive Rails
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I am looking for answers on where to buy side rails for my new hard drive.

My old hard drive was stuck and I had to tear it out so I can confirm that I can reuse the computer for a while longer.

I bought a new hard drive, but I am looking for answers on where I can get hard drive side rails for the Optiplex GX270 Small Desktop computer.

I was told that these mounters are case-specific, thus the question.

A quick search of "Optiplex GX270 hard drive rails" finds numerous options on Amazon or Ebay.
Sorry for not being concurrent on expressing my troubles.

I was hoping that I'd get some advice on how to buy some hard drive side rails that hold the thing in case and not get stuck.

I looked through and found that the rails I'm looking for are under the code 87VYR-21TUG. Looks like everything I am trying to find seems to be in short supply.

Thanks anyways, Moe.