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Full Version: Porn-free searching?
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I'm not saying porn is bad or evil - hey, who am I to judge, right? - but I just don't dig it myself.  I'm square that way.  Can't explain it.  I don't figure that makes me better than anyone, and anyone who wants porn is welcome to it.

But I was wondering, is thee a way to search the Pirate Bay site without including porn results?  It would be a big time saver.  I'm not sure there's a term I could search on that wouldn't bring back a bunch of porn results with it, no mater how innocuous the term.

I apologize to the moderators if this question has already been answered or if this question needed to be posted elsewhere.  I couldn't find the former nor could I figure out the latter.  

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,

On the main search page there's a little box marked "porn" that you can NOT click!
Try doing a search with just Audio or Video checked. There is also a drop-down
list on every page where you can be more selective.
Limit your search to a specific category that isn't porn.


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