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Full Version: DDOS issues
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Hi, my home internet keeps getting massive ddos attacks that go on for weeks. 

My ISP has blocked a lot of it but then stopped and told me it's my problem now.

I was told by man there's nothing I can do. 

Can anyone give any suggestions on how to deal with massive DDOS attacks? 

These attacks are normally around 5 to 6 gbs.  My ISP only provides 1gbs max.
Get a new IP address and stop hosting services on your home connection.

You can't block an incoming stream larger than your pipe can handle.
Why would you be getting ddos attacks? That confuses me. But I'd do what moe said and ask your ip for a new address.

If there is something more going on, you have to tell us more if you want any help.
New IP may not even help its more likely the ISP is getting ddos'd (unless you have done something to annoy someone) I would change ISP.
Somebody is doing  slow loris on you , and yes it can be traced - if your ISP wantedv to