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Full Version: Warhammer40K Space Marine Model/Clothing?
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Does anyone know if there's a Space Marine from Warhammer40K available for DAZ? I've looked around and seen a few renders featuring one but I can't seem to find where the model used came from.

Can anyone help me out?
Not familiar with that universe, but look into Sedition Soldier, Coalition Rapier Armor, Major Cache (and their derivatives, all for M4) for futuristic paramilitary stuff.
The Genesis Supersuit has a boatload of textures and add-ons (like Supersuit Troopers).
Probably should have added a picture for people. Thanks for the suggestions, I checked them out but there's not really what I'm looking for.
There is a Space Marine Armor model by Simon for M4 from Rendo. It is not very good and rather low res however (Poser friendly but not Daz friendly).