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Full Version: Botnet with 4.2 million PCs, one single DDOS attack
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Purely hypothetical.
Say you have managed to create an intense virus and have control over 4.2 million computers (mainly from the asian and european region), and you have just enough power to send off one full force DDOS attack for about 30 minutes.

What type of damage would that do, hypothetically of course. And what would be the consequences. Say your victim is a medium-large website.. but is under cloudflare protection
One of the ideas is that if you can DDoS a business website that sells items for a certain amount of time will start to lose money during that downtime.
A medium-large website that provides a different service may not be affected nearly as much and the attack would simply appear to be annoying.

As far as I know cloudflare is supposed to protect websites from being DDoS'd, but I don't know how effective it would be against such a large botnet.
Cloudflare is pretty effective in that it serves content geographically. So your DDOS won't be concentrated on one target. Each PC in your net will be attacking the Cloudflare server that is closest to them. Depending on how many Cloudflare servers are being used to distribute your target site, you might not have any effect, or you might knock out a few Cloudflare endpoints. But the site will still be available in other parts of the world.
Cloudflare, plus the indivual security of any major websites will be more than enough to protect them from whatever lame ass virus/attack that you could ever launch. Of course a person could imagine anything. But real life isn't a James Bond movie.
u can use it for reporting fb pages or making likes to pages or join to groups ... etc
or steling PP cookies and other banks Wink