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Full Version: so my earbuds broke
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my 3rd recent pair of sony earbuds broke
[Image: sbbb.png]

* Sony MDREX15LP (blue) *they broke as I got up while the connector jack was stuck on something
the right earbud cap came off,exposing the metal cymbal things inside,the ear buds still work except
the left ear bud volume is about 45% of the normal volume and the right ear bud cap wont snap back on
so I need new earbuds

looking to buy Sony MDREX15AP blue earbuds again *9mm driver $8.98 USD
or Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds *12mm driver around $30 - $37 USD
[Image: bbb.png]
about $25 USD actually if I buy them with a $37 USD gift card someones selling

I just wanted to know if theres a big difference between a 9mm driver and a 12mm
I see headphones that say they have 40mm drivers
*Ive had about 8 sony headphones/ear buds in my lifetime(2 were oem that came with their devices,rest have been
retail)  Ive never bought a different brand..
I like sony earbuds because of their Neodymium magnets

any brand recommendations? I generally wouldn't spend more than $30 USD ish on headphones/ear buds
I don't need $100 -$5,000 pair of headphones