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(Aug 15, 2016, 14:21 pm)BeerKey Wrote: [ -> ]Most of my uploads focus on electronic music. I make sure everything is tagged properly for iTunes, although I do make mistakes and I will usually comment on the torrent about the mistake. I also analyze most of my electronic music on Traktor 2 DJ software for beats per minute (BPM) and keys.

VA Singles - August 15, 2016 (Electro / House / Trap) ~BeerKey~

[Image: wDfY3M.jpg]

Mayan Audio Summer Drum & Bass [Compilation] ~BeerKey~

[Image: 4g29mW.jpg]

OBESØN - Beyond a Billion Stars [Chill Trap] ~BeerKey~

[Image: wMn24s.jpg]

Distal - Bushido Rave [EP] (Bass / Footwork) ~BeerKey~

[Image: HvlB7y.jpg]

Mind Technologies Vol. 7 [Compilation] (D&B) ~BeerKey~

[Image: zIdvXn.png]

Florence + The Machine - Songs From Final Fantasy XV ~BeerKey~

[Image: T5FT1m.jpg]

5 Years of Titan Records [Compilation] (D&B) ~BeerKey~

[Image: NJG2xV.jpg]

Party Favor - Party & Destroy [EP] (Mp3 320 Kbps] ~BeerKey~

[Image: yAJ8TG.jpg]

Sam Gellaitry - Escapism II [EP] (Electronic) ~BeerKey~

[Image: mBI9Qp.jpg]
Thanks :] Amazing