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Full Version: Daz 3D/Poser Welcome & Intro Thread
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Glad to be here everyone, looking forward to contributing!
Well, after reading the conversation at the KAT community I finally settled here. 

I am a new DAZ user, I got into DAZ about 6 months ago, and here I am trying to connect with the community here.
Hi everyone I am Kozmicsin. I never got a chance to upload anything to KAT but I read the forum and posted once or twice in the request thread. I have started uploading items on TPB starting with Hahana for Kalea7 and now Sweet Home Bundle.
Howdy, all. Good to see some familiar faces again... Smile
Suppose I'll do the standard intro thing in the appropriate thread as well.

Hiya everbuddy, was a relatively active member over at Kat, more-so in the advising/chatting role than uploading lately. Started with Poser 7 sometime in 2007, and switched over to primarily Daz stuff about 6 months later (circa ~2.3 if memory serves), never looking back. I dabble with the Autodesk suite of stuff as well, and very, very rarely poke my nose into Blender and/or Zbrush. I also have a love/hate relationship with both Unreal and Octane. Anyway, I'll be around and about.
I'm the semi-notorious uploader from KAT & TopGFX known to all as Don_k.
Like Eelgoo, I have a large collection of stuff from Daz Generation 2 to Genesis 3, approximately 2TB worth, but currently lack a PC that can render.
I'm still seeding my 26 Torrents and my 300+ sharing links as well, some of which are me reviving somebody's dead post.
Hello everyone
I was sad to watch Kat go down, but I'm happy to see the Daz community land on it's feet.
I am a new user of Daz Studio, only about three months, but I hope to be able to contribute.
I'm interested to note at this point we have more 3DMax users than Poser :00
Well who doesn't love Max? I do. More interestingly, there's an equal number of Other and Poser users, just saying. Also, hi to all the folks both new and missed from forums gone by.
Hmmm...well... I'm Wolfenspiel. I've been playing with Daz off and on since the early days, Poser off and on but mainly 7 until recently, and am trying to learn Blender. My main knowledge area is more with Photoshop and 2D programs, but I'm starting to expand my horizons and incorporate renders and render portions into my 2D work. Most of you know me from KAT, where I was pretty much a daily fixture for over 2 years until D-Day.

Now, what most didn't know is that my health isn't always that great, and every once in a while RL tosses a few rocks at me, so every once in a while, I drop off the map. That started happening just before KAT disappeared, and I was thrown for a loop. Thanks to Sid, and getting a message to Don_k through sheer luck at a place I don't frequent much, some of the old gang has been rounded up thankfully, because guys...Beagle, T-Herd, etc.- I can post, I can share, but actually running a day-to-day or getting a semblance of a community back that I had only "just" joined...that's not something I'm good at doing. YOU GUYS made the community what it was, with info, and sharing, and honestly some decent discussions albeit not always in the proper forum LOL!

Seriously, without you all, there's just no community, because the old DAZ went so far off base when they started working for profit and competition rather than being just an affordable learning and creation tool that it's just not worth going back to. Besides, you guys are more fun to kid around with, too! Big Grin

It's taking me a little bit to straighten out some issues here in RL, but I'll be back and more active soon!
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