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Full Version: Preferred mode of certification
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I'm thinking of working in a local franchise computer store as a technician, and I am deciding whether I should take a college programme or buy a "test prep" book, read it, and take the test from a college, and I have reached an impasse.

How did you guys do it?

And feel free to add any advice or suggestions; remember, I'm not the only one reading this, I'm sure there will be others who might want to have an answer to this.
Well if you do choose to take a class, definitely still get the certification studies to read.  I've never taken any of the tests but my old best friend did.  He told me about each day, how much he was spending, and constantly calling me asking me questions. This was years ago.  I've always wanted to go to school for things but couldn't afford it most the time.  I've gone to school for auto mechanics, art painting, psychology. 

 My friend would never have passed the A+ Certs on that class alone that's for sure but he's a little slow on the uptake hah.   My Painting Class teacher knew barely anything about oil painting and told us things that were wrong like telling us you can paint acrylic over oil.  He came in with a block of wood and muddy colors splashed and stirred on it.

The benefits of school, (w/good teacher) meet new friends, have real live people you can ask questions, maybe even find a mentor.  But don't rely on only school. 

Many many people get the cert study sheets whatever they are called now, gimmie a break I'm old! (we used to get them through ftp groups) all you ave to do is study, and take the practice tests online.  Make sure it's not an old version.  Find a forum online with others if you need more help.  I regret not taking the tests at the time but I was broke and it was about $250 for one or two.