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Full Version: private 1 on torrents (sync)
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more and more i am seeing torrents that never get anything and even worse i have grabbed them when they get posted.

they are not fakes as they still are on the search results and do not get a not found page.

i suspect that some users are posting to tpb to use tpb as their own personal tracker or something for bit torrent sync witch (i think) allows using the bit torrent protocol for 1 on 1 transfers between computers.

what happened to using sneakernet instead it is faster and more secure

are we allowed to use tpb as our own relay point for bit torrent sync for private 1 on 1 transfers?
That's not even possible. All torrents posted to TPB are public torrents anyone can participate in. Whether or not they are seeded is up to the torrent creator.

Bittorrent sync is something else entirely.
yes that is so but programs like bit torrent sync can then filter out clients unless the copyright conglomerates have found a new way to collect ip addresses without even giving 1 single byte of data not even the meta data.

in witch case they would not have a case because they did not make an attempt to deliver.

that is like a police officer selling drugs and not even handing over anything and only making the bust on the exchange of money.

or the postal delivery making the bust without first giving the package
Who cares? This is a torrent site not a torrent sync site and there isn't a snowballs chance in hell of that changing. Friend-to-friend filesharing in various forms has been around for ages but it has never taken off and it never will--it cannot, by it's very definition, handle global volumes.
still it is a waste in my view if someone uses tpb and posts something that they never intend to seed
Not that I care but since I opened the thread: a) you don't know that they never intend to seed, you don't even know if they never seed and b) even if they didn't, the amount of "waste" would be microscopically insignificant--a few hundred kB of disk space.