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Full Version: Graffiti/street art.
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The OP has been ammended, with the following added:

Do not post just to says 'thanks,' 'nice pics' or whatever. Make a genuine contribution or don't post.

Graffiti and street art that made the headlines:

[Image: rYNKYJp.jpg]

^^that was put up 3 miles away from GCHQ, Cheltenham, England.

[Image: SkKOOW1.jpg]
[Image: art-banksy-i-want-change2.jpg]

[Image: BlQjKHmCEAEX0l5.jpg-large.jpeg]

By Banksy. Big Grin
(May 09, 2014, 12:18 pm)snilloc Wrote: [ -> ][Image: art-banksy-i-want-change2.jpg]
My response would be learn to adapt or die off like the dinosaurs.
World Street Art -2014-Various

[Image: best_streetartworks_jan_2014_05.jpg]

[Image: 1920x1080_3d_street_art_1546115.jpg]

[Image: praying_with_us.jpg]

[Image: web1.jpg]

[Image: ST_Art_1.jpg]

[Image: brooklyn_street_art_bifido_naples_italy_2014_web.jpg]

[Image: Zaragoza_Street_Art_12_by_ydeviant.jpg]
Gym graf art

[Image: 1Vgw9po.jpg]

[Image: XTSpWHH.jpg]

[Image: SHhQEJi.jpg]

[Image: zSSPL97.jpg]
[Image: 983YaGU.jpg]

[Image: 2oTnJhK.jpg]

[Image: DNM6rTI.jpg]

[Image: NYReE2t.jpg]

[Image: YjnmcqH.jpg]

[Image: LOtm9yc.jpg]

[Image: 1nKV9L1.jpg]
[Image: 53157478206ec4723abe09a120f0aa43eb0b5103.jpg]
[Image: Chubby-Bats-Supes.jpg]

[Image: article-1142938-037D0413000005DC-261_634x390.jpg]
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