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Full Version: ATKGalleria Kacey Reseed Request
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I've been trying to get those 2 [you referenced] for years.  I am seeding what little I have.  I'm probably the seeder that got you to 21% on the mini clips.  I'd really like to complete them.

I don't think there's any HD of her which is a shame.
hah--I just realized I responded to myself.

And not even one LOL

I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could help. Thanks!
I am still looking to complete this--if anyone has higher-quality I'd also be interested.

Bump! With Update as the page seems to have disappeared:

ATK Galleria - Kacey 001 - 13 mini clips
Hash: a57f7e6340aab8b3478748b27162352a9ad6dde4

ATK Galleria - Kacey 001 - 2060 pics in 25 sets
Hash: cee8df0ab418c63995b37a29fca02365c58bc35f
Any help would be appreciated as the TBP pages for these torrents seemed to have vanished. Thanks in advance!
I received a PM from someone who has PMs disabled so here is the response (and bump) for this request:


I really tried to use bayimg but kept getting a "500 internal server error".

Here is the model page for Kacey Kox:

I believe ATK only ever lists her by her 1st name.

If that is insufficient I am all prepared to upload sample images and can try again or please let me know an alternate site.

In addition, here are the direct-to-jpg URLs for the images I planned to upload which may also work for you--I do know sometimes direct-to-jpg links don't work (but sometimes they do!).

* I tested each of these links on a 2nd system from a different IP and have high hopes they work flawlessly for you.

I do understand your interest in avoiding malware/adds as I share that interest and hope you find the above links acceptable.

Thank you very much for your response, time, and interest!
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