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I recently received a letter from my internet provider that was a second warning regarding downloading pirated movies. It contained a copy of a letter written to them by the RIAA (? or someone, I dont have the letter now- maybe it was the movies production company ).

I do happen to have that movie on my computer , the IP on the letter didnt match mine, but I subscribed to Private Internet Access several months earlier and installed their software so I dont understand how that happened.

I have written them and tried to use their instant messenger live help but no response. I havent unsubscribed yet until I can try to determine the problem (they are very inexpensive)

Any ideas why PIA didnt work or who I should be getting?

Or any other ideas on anything above?
Yeah Private Internet Access sucks, I'd suggest getting either AirVPN, BlackVPN or Express VPN, don't get a VPN somewhere where the VPN headquarter operates on U.S jurisdiction, or any country that has good relations with yours.
Good idea about the HQ. I always set the proxy to hong kong for that reason but I didnt consider the company HQ is whats important.

Im hesitant to try it again as I live in the sticks and its 3 strikes your out with this internet provider ( and I dont know of any other)
Company's headquarters location is very important Smile

So for example, if you live in the U.S and want to connect to the Internet anonymously via VPN/Proxy, you have to consider what is the company's HQ location. Proxy's location is important as well, but the HQ can still check to see if you illegally download copyright content. Furthermore, its also advisable to not use a VPN from the United States, as they're a major thorn to us pirates.

Then, if you do indeed find a VPN to use, make sure they don't operate from where you live or from any countries that are allied to yours.

I suggest to avoiding using local ISP's that operate from your country. Use a international ISP that is not located in your country, nor the U.S.
PIA is a very good VPN provider.  If you don't set up their application successfully then it is your fault not theirs.

They have live help support 24/7 on

But if you tell them you downloaded illegal torrents they won't help you lol 

Just ask them how to successfully set up their software for maximum protection 
Dude, PIA is extremely shitty when it comes to privacy. For one, they don't want you to torrent illegally, no VPN does. If they find out that you have been, they're not going to want to deal with that shit. They are going to notify your ISP what you have illegally download, in this case, nealring's ISP knows specifically what movie he downloaded. They would not have not known that, if they weren't notified by PIA. As for why the IP address listed in the letter that does not match your owns, is because of PIA's IP-cycling system. "Maximum protection" my ass, no matter what you do, PIA is going to react to customers who torrent illegally. The only "maximum protection" that was needed, was when your dad banged your mum. PIA is a shitty VPN, don't use it unless you want to get caught.

Stop spreading that shitty VPN and see the light (ExpressVPN) Big Grin

EDIT: jesse just come to the dark side, we got Linux, no shitty VPNs, no updates, RobertX, open-source software (that you can modify), and cookies.
I apolgise for recommending PIA to you, Joker; I never used a VPN before.

Now that's out of the way, I have to say,. if you mention my name again, I'll sue you! Smile
None taken, RobertX Big Grin

Sue away Smile
nealring, if at all possible, don't download movie torrents; get Handbrake, a DVD ripper, and borrow free DVDs/Blu Rays from the library, if you really need to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Just leave the torrent sites for the movies/shows that you can't find in the library.

Hope this helps.
PIA is recommended by and doesn't keep any logs
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