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Full Version: Where Pirated Content Comes From: The Scene, Release Groups and Users
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I have seen a good amount of confusion regarding where pirated content originates..

This is a brief overview of the sources for pirated material

[Image: tg9tTk2.gif]

The Scene
A large % of pirated material originates from release groups in “The Scene”

his content then trickles down to other sources of filesharing

Forms of piracy/filesharing outside of “The Scene” are often collectively referred to as P2P

• Private Torrent Trackers
• Publicly Tracked Torrent Indexes
• DDL Blogs/Forums
• Usenet/Newsgroups
• IRC (xdcc/dcc)
• DC++
• Other Forms of P2P/Filesharing

Release Groups
Aside from the release groups in “The Scene”, there are many others that reside elsewhere:

• Release Groups “half way” between Scene and P2P
• Private Tracker Internal Release Groups
• Publicly Tracked Torrent Release Groups
• DDL Forum/Blog Release Groups
• Usenet/Newsgroup Release Groups
• DC++ Release Groups

..this content trickles down as well

Private Tracker Internal Groups List @
Private Tracker Internal Groups List @
Private Tracker Internal Groups List @

Individual Users
All other pirated material comes from individual users uploading content

Release Databases
There are many databases that log releases originating from within “The Scene”

PreDB’s (Pre Databases)
[Image: pr3_10-2-2013.png]

There are also databases that log releases originating from forms of P2P

P2P Release Databases
..although compared to PreDB’s these release databases are less maintained/reliable
[Image: xrel_10-2-2013.png]

[Image: UuCInft.gif]

List of PreDB’s & Release Databases @

Source :

Clears up lots of stuff!