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Can you change my shit back to LZA since the joke is obviously over? PLEASE???? Or am I part of the joke??

Really, that would be cool!!! Smile

(Sep 07, 2016, 11:47 am)Spud17 Wrote: [ -> ]You can have your original movie reference back because you're ace.

thanks, spud Wink
Would you please change mine back to The (short) Bus Driver
Big Grin Tongue
Request granted. Big Grin
You changed my title back!

Feels so good to be back in second place!
Guess I will give it a go.

Can a staff wiggle his/her wand and give me a random user-title to his/her own amusement?
The Shadows

If possible Big Grin
Hilarious, I've spent half an hour (maybe more) reading peoples posts in this thread to find out why as to their funny or mocked titles been given. Time well spent.
I'm a new user and keen to be a concrete member of the community. Come from other sites that are now closed but have been a on / off user of for as long as I can remember. Now's my time to contribute....

Can you please give me a title. make it what ever you like. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thanks & Keep up the great work


Originally was "A Concrete Member"

Now has "Has A Concrete Member"

Fantastic afternoon of laughs all round
Hello. Can we get the title "Frost Pirates"??

Thanks in advance..
No, not today anyway. You can be FrostyMcFrostFace for now, until you stop calling yourself 'we'. Smile

Protip: members are more likely to receive the custom user title of their choice if they post in our world-famous penis thread (in The Void) first. To join the Void, go to your User CP, scroll down to Miscellaneous, then Group Memberships, and you can join The Voiders group from there.
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