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Full Version: Error - Upload error4
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Upload error4 can mean

the torrent file you are trying to upload contains too many files

[Image: ekEmWWT.jpg]

or the torrent description you are trying to enter is too large

[Image: h3KUAFR.jpg]

[The number of "Unable to fetch data" messages shows which.]

It can also be caused by having an '&' in the title.
This error happens because the torrent you are trying to upload is either too big in size or contains too many files. Try to split the content in half and make two different torrents. And also limit the number of files in your future torrents.
So 50 is too many files? Because that is the size of one of the torrents getting the error, and it sure seems awfully low to cause such an error. It's also far less files than a regular torrent I post in the games category that has never spawned that error.
Error4 can be -: description too long, .torrent file too large, too many files (50 isn't too many), it would help us if we knew exactly what you are tring to upload Smile
I'm trying to upload a torrent which has 870mb, (audio, 32 files) and i get the same error, i know that the file is not too big, any ideas? Smile
My updated version of this torrent currently:

But there have been many others over the past year, all smaller, and it's only ever the ebook torrents I attempt to upload which spawn the error message.
The torrent file size is determined by more than just the actual data size - the number of pieces (determined by piece size), the number of files in the torrent, the length of the file names.

The torrent may be small, but if you enter a lengthy description, that could also trigger the error.

As Agricola already said - without knowing exactly what you entered, and without the actual torrent file, all we can do is speculate.
Since you said you needed more exact info, I attached the torrent file to my previous post, which already linked to the previous torrent. In the series I only change a couple lines from upload to upload. But to be safe and 100% accurate, you can also view it on KAT
I wish I had a solid answer for you, but I don't. There is no obvious reason given what you have tried.

No one here has access to the code used to process uploads, so we can't check for the exact circumstances that will set off that error.

If you are feeling experimental, you can try uploading the torrent with little or no description and see if it is the torrent file itself causing the error, or if perhaps the torrent file in combination with the description text is causing the error.

If it does go through, you can request to have it deleted so you can re-upload it with a slimmed down description.
I guess the problem is with the size of the torrent file.
If you are feeling experimental as kjf said, increase the piece size while you are making the torrent file which will in turn reduce the size of the torrent file. Then try uploading it.
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