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Full Version: Greed
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And, it all starts from corruption. The 2G scam and it's exposure and re-auction of spectrum made companies to pay more (and invest more) and that's how they are planning to recover. The internet (though very slow and sluggish) in India has become very expensive and so are the call rates etc. India is big (actually huge) economy but these companies don't want to share the cake that's what the real problem is. Yeah! there was a online movement on social sites in which people were encouraged to email TRAI (Telecom Authority of India) to stop taking this action and I did too but I know that won't help at all. Current government is more inclined to cooperatives than to people and they don't really care people's right or freedom (remember Article 66A). 

And, btw Capitalists or MAFFIA don't have any face whichever country that be. All are same filthy louse sucking people everywhere. (sic)
(Apr 07, 2015, 14:20 pm)Agricola Wrote: [ -> ]

Not often words fail me Sad

Hmm not think we have to look that far. I presume evrybody has a mirror look into and ask yourself are you greedy.Also greed sometimes same word as for powerhungry. so point at vodafone then we in Sweden got ikea? Just a thought