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Full Version: What is wrong with the Seed and Leech statistics?
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what is wrong with the seeds? on the tpb site>
no seeds at all stand there. and when i download it, it gives 2 seeds on in my client. so why giove the tpb site no seeds at all on?!
If you had searched before starting this thread, you'd have seen that historically TPB statistics have only ever been approximate, and never real time. That isn't going to change any time soon.
but last, the new begin of the tpb there are realy works. and now for an month they are not more works, only a few torrents give seeds on?. and that is shame;
Sure, it would be nice to get an idea what the activity level of a torrent was before downloading. But there has never been and never will be any sure way to see if there is a swarm out there except to try to download it.

I have no idea what tracker(s) TPB scrapes these days. Whichever they are, they've gone offline. Maybe it is temporary, maybe permanent. TPB could start scraping a different tracker tomorrow, and it would be irrelevant unless the existing swarms were already announcing to it.

I've always said people need to stop paying such close attention to peer counts. Now they have no choice.

You said yourself: you started downloading it, and your client found the swarm. So what is the real concern?
that it just now, just guess work is, or torrent has enough seeds or not?!
That's the thing - it has always been guess work.

Just because the site says there are a few seeds doesn't mean they are actually there, or are connectable, or are actually uploading.

Just because the site says there are 0 seeds doesn't mean there aren't actual seeds the tracker doesn't know about, or that there is less than 1 complete copy between the other peers.

If your concern is seeding your torrents, you are best off to seed them in a rotation regardless of what the trackers may say.
if you do a search for better call saul no listing for episode 10 does but if you search for Better Call Saul S01E10 than they show up same thing with hot tub time machine 2. I am sure they are many more just like this .  the seed and peer stats have not worked in last 24 hours or so
ok, thanks Moe for the info ;-)
Are the stats working? i dont see any leachers or seeders on the new torrents
Your torrent client will give you 'reliable' stats.
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