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Full Version: theSEMAR torrents
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[Image: DragonForce-ValleyOfTheDamned-AlbumCover.jpg] [Image: DragonForce-SonicFirestorm-AlbumCover.jpg] [Image: Df-inhuman-cover250.jpg] [Image: Dragonforce_-_Ultra_Beatdown.jpg] [Image: The_Power_Within.jpg]

Windows Help & Advice - October 2018 UK

Windows Help & Advice - November 2018 UK
Windows 10 1809 and Office 2019 Pro Plus - CMD Activator

Activating Windows 10 and Office 2019 using CMD scripts.


Windows Help & Advice - December 2018 UK

Windows Help & Advice - Christmas 2018 UK

Windows Help & Advice - January 2019

Windows Help & Advice - February 2019

Windows Help & Advice - March 2019
I decided not to continue uploading "Windows Help & Advice" because other users already did it. like mocioni, tbohana and some others. I believe that they are all better at providing torrent magazines than I do.

And to note that, in October 2018, none of the uploaders posted the "Windows Help & Advice - October 2018" torrent, so I decided to help continue their activities. But it seems that they are now actively uploading various kinds of magazines including recent "Windows Help & Advice".

I will try to find and upload another type/kind of torrent. Maybe an interesting torrent that has never been posted on TPB.
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