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Full Version: The Metal Thread.
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Welcome to the Metal thread. Cool

[Image: b7TJEU3.gif]

Post your metal tunes here, and feel free to discuss the music and the scene.

Cathedral - Congregation of sorcerers

In my humble metal opinion, being headless is the only reason not to be nodding to this. Tongue

Author & Punisher - Terrorbird

awesome industrial doom metal....

Some classic stoner metal, Sleep's "Dopesmoker". For those who haven't heard it, enjoy an hour long monolith of riffs and weed-inspired lyrics.

Blood Brawl - Cavalera Conspiracy

Grave Worm - See no future

This one just made my day:

Grave Digger performing Rebellion with Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian, and with the Acapella metal group, Van Canto

Some fantasy themed metal!To save some screen real estate, the embedded youtube videos have been put behind spoiler tags.


BattleLore: Sword's Song (Full Album)
About: I consider them melodic death personally, though they aren't as heavy as many traditional death metal groups, they can really pull off an awesome melody and rhythm, and have some amazing female vocals in the mix as well.

3 Inches of Blood: Advance and Vanquish (Full Album)
About: Thrashy with a nice touch of melody. With great images of slaying monsters and ancient warfare, they have some of my favorite lyrical themes.

Falconer: Chapters from a Vale Forlon (Full Album)
About: An amazing power metal group. Great vocals and pretty heavy to boot.

Bloodbound: Book of the Dead (Full Album)
About: Some darkly sinister power metal.

Ravenlord: Mystic Prophecy (Full Album)
About: Don't know much about this one, but a precursory listen and I think this group is definitely worth checking out.

TYR: Hold Thea Heathen Hammer High

Ancient Bards: Through My Veins

I really like the mix of growling and female vocals in this track.

Gloryhammer: Angus McFife

And a song by Battle Beast - Show Me how to Die

Discovered this recently and it instantly became my favorite song

Summoning - Mirdautas Vras

Edit: Actually the entirety of this album "Oath Bound" is awesome.
Kreator - Enemy of god

best german thrash metal, bar none. Cool
I love the gritty, lo-fi sound of this one, it's awesome.

Burzum - Dunkelheit
Awesome Thrash metal band from Albuquerque, NM.

Facebook page
Torture Victim - Official

Torture Victim - Fatal Wounds (Official Video)

Here's the album,
Torture Victim - Of Darkness and Power
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