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Full Version: porn videos
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Back in 2009-10 there was this russian porn site downloaded two amateur porn clips.Shoulda been abt 6-7 min duration.One was a blond teen and a boy.Another was of a brunette/black haired woman .Unfortunately my harddisk died in 2010 and I did not back up.After I repaired my pc after almost a year later in 2011 I find is dead.Another year later in 2012 debuts.Probably the same guys, but all the old videos are not present.Meanwhile is now a dating website.My options to recover the two videos are:1. Send harddisk to data recovery which is expensive. it in the web which is like finding needle in the haystack.
3.somebody who has downloaded the videos like me gives it to me which is difficult.
Does anyboby fits my 3rd option?
Video details:1. blond teen , short pony tail,fucks a young she climaxes the camera zooms on her cunt showing her cum dripping like tear drops. hair/brunnette woman first blows her lover.the title of the video could have been amateur honeymoon couple.then her lover rides her.she is smiling and thoroughly enjoying it like she's totally into it, moaning softly.then her lover sprays his spunk all over her chest and face but she doesn't eat it.through out the clip we only see her face only.they were doing it on a bed with white sheets.her face resembles with katrina kaif indian actress whose photo I am attaching. [attachment=493]

Both the videos were in .wmv format .ends with behind blue background transition effect.Was probably present in first 4 pages of the website.Was hosted by letitbit.
If anybody downloaded from between 2009-2010 and has videos that fits my description please post THE SCREENSHOTS and suitable links.