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Full Version: Sex & Glory: Girl with Tattoos game
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All of the uploaders I heard are hesititating in uploading this game.

It's called Girl with Tattoos from Sex & Glory site.

[Image: sgame_tat.png]

[Image: tattoo_001.jpg]

[Image: tattoo_002.jpg]

[Image: demo_tattoo_008.jpg]

[Image: demo_tattoo_007.jpg]

Is there anyone willing to upload it somehow, please?

I know these games can't be easily grabbed, as those sites doesn't allow you to download the game but only play it online as they are flash, even if they only allow you to play them having a premium account.

Otherwise, if they weren't so selfish and made those games downloadable(pay to play flash games and can't own a copy of them, really?) I would really consider buying a Lesson of Passion GOLD and Sex & Glory accounts.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards.
The game is here for free:

If you're able to get it in a ZIP, do it Smile

Here is the game: