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Full Version: Smallville x264 Bluray
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Anyone have the whole series as a bluray 720p rip?

Found some online, but some seasons are WebDL, some are HDVD, which is fine, but, a few seasons are HDTV so watermarks, and no Season 8 posted.

Hoping a decent 720p rip, around 400mb per episode (approx 87GB for the series). Better than TV/DVD rips, but not nearly as big as the 25-30GB per season posted.

I was going to download and reencode, but... the varying sources per season made me want to ask here first. Thanks

[Image: download-2_8.jpg?itok=ACt49q5p]

Just to be clear, you want ALL seasons?

Oh ya... all 10. Big Grin

I have avi files, DVD rips of all 10 seasons which is ok, but would rather have some better quality mp4's. The DVD rips were great when I got them, but my TV grew since then. Big Grin

I have found 720p rips of all seasons (mix of WebDL and HDDVD... I guess first few seasons never hit bluray yet?) but I still haven't found Season 7 or 8, that isn't an HDTV rip (logos).

Even if I can only get seasons 7 and 8 uploaded that would be great. I can download/reencode the others season-by-season. Will take a while but, I did it with Farscape and worked out well.

Unfortunately the best I could actually find is seasons 1-8 excluding season 5 in blu ray BUT in 480p.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:
Quote:Couldn't find, sorry mate

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:


Hope this helps.

I tried that all seasons DVD rip link earlier today but seems dead... the uploader seems to constantly make posts to it about his other torrents, but, I let it run the better part of an hour trying to download 3 episodes to check quality, and the ETA for about 800MB was 45 days. :S

The rest are Web-DL, not bluray, and 480p which is DVD resolution so, maybe a bit better than what I have... I'll have to give a few of them a try. I usually pick a few random episodes to test quality with. Being MP4 is better than AVI but, files are 100MB smaller each so... I'll start downloading a few and see. Big Grin

Otherwise, I have the 720p rips downloading (again Web-DL and HD-DVD, no bluray and missing Season 7 and 8) one season at a time, but 1-2 days per season and another 1-2 days to re-encode down to 400MB each.
I got a 720p Season 9 I believe.

Thanks but, like I said, I can find a 720p rip for all seasons except 7 and 8... I can find 720p rips for them but they're HDTV, which means CWW logo in the corner, possible pop-ups for advertising etc.