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Full Version: Augustisfoxy webcam videos
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Please, does anyone have these(or any of) movies of Augustisfoxy for upload?

1 -
[Image: a535730e1fbf58dbf8e00c0c3e018392.jpg]

2 -
[Image: screen.JPG]

3 -
[Image: 02.jpg]

4 -
[Image: 04.jpg]

I'm looking for the third one in the original quality(in two parts .FLV +/- 170 MBs file size each). Not watermarked, please(except for the first one, I think it can only be found as watermarked).

There is another video that is considered as rare as well:

5 -
[Image: missing%20video.jpg]

All of these from above are rare to me, as I can't find them nowhere(the third one can be found hosted in 2 Upstore links, but they are for premium only).

Thank you very much for any help.

Best Regards.