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Full Version: [REQUEST] Daniela's 2 DVDs
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Hi. I'm looking for two DVDs of this brazilian pornstar:

[Image: 1.jpg?88]

The titles are these ones:

Pick Up Lines #81

[Image: cover%202.jpg]

Young Girls in Dark Territory #4

[Image: cover%203.jpg]

These couple DVDs are old, so I'm having trouble to find them. I'm looking for the whole DVDs(DVDrip), I mean, containing all scenes of each one, not only Daniela's. Please, if you're willing to help by uploading both or any of them, don't re-encode, this way you'll prevent quality loss. Unless, of course, you're planning to upload from an actual physical copy.

There's a possibility that she also participated of the DVD Bi-Sex Sandwich 1 but I couldn't confirm as isn't possible to see her in the front or back cover, so unless I have any confirmation, that DVD doesn't interest me a bit. The DVD does starring a Daniela, but as I've already stated before, I couldn't confirm if she is the same girl.

If you know any other of her titles, please, let me know as well.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards.
(Jul 17, 2014, 14:47 pm)PSeeker Wrote: [ -> ]Hi. I'm looking for two DVDs of this brazilian pornstar:

According to IAFD she was in Bi-Sex Sandwich 1.

Also Latin Eye Candy 10, which is seeded.
Yes. I have all of her content, except for those I'm asking for(1st post).

As for the Bi-Sex Sandwich 1, I'm not sure if she is the same Daniela, in Bi-Sex Sandwich 1's cover there's a Daniela name, but you can't actually see her picture so there's no way to be sure whether is the same girl(I'm almost sure that she is another Daniela). Bi-Sex Sandwich 1 is not available for download nowhere, anyway, and as long as I don't have any confirmation whether she is in this one I won't bother myself.

I'm still looking for the DVDs from my 1st post. There's a seed that can only be found in Emule 0.60 named "Pickup lines 81 Cd2 xd (Greta Milos,Genevieve,Alissa,Sylvie Taylor,Alessandra,Pamela,Daniela)". It shows 2 seeders but I've been trying to download from them for days now, and I can't get out of 0.0 kbps even with both connected. I'm starting to think that there are no seeders at all as this Emule 0.60 is pure sh*t, apparently. If someone is able to get this torrent outside Emule 0.60, please, tell me how you did.

Any help with download of these DVDs would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards.

EDIT: Confirmed, the Daniela from Bi-Sex Sandwich 1 is another one. It's possible to check the scenes of this DVD in Pornhub. So, Bi-Sex Sandwich 1 definitely isn't in my list.