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Full Version: Kaplan Medical Videos Request
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Kaplan Classroom Anywhere 2014 (either the videos for Step1 or for Step2-ck), the new medical tutorials - can anybody find the links?? Im desperate! There was a torrent uploaded on piratebay but its a filthy scam, someone trying to sell them..there is also a 2012 version of these videos on the site but its incomplete unfortunately.. they would be invaluable to the medical community and i've been searching everywhere!
Some guy uploaded the fisrt two videos(physiology) on youtube (this is what they look like)

here's the amazon version

Please some kind soul out there try to find them, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you! Smile
Kaplan classroom step 2 ck would be amazing, if anyone has it/finds it. I've been looking everywhere for it!

Thank you so much guys, you are all amazing!