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Full Version: What's your favorite art form(s)?
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Personally, I like all kinds of art.

I like awesome architecture:
[Image: 94305-004-74A34D0B.jpg]

And awesome space pictures: (a bit big to hotlink, but its the "pillars of creation")

Fantasy art, everything from Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo to many awesome artists on deviantart.
[Image: fantasy_by_andrebdois.jpg]
Anime based stuff is my favorite you can find a lot of good stuff out there

but some of the stuff i find for anime just *shutters* makes me want to rip my eyes out.. its that badly drawn ...

there is a lot of good drawings tho

but anime is hands down my favorite...
Nature Photos
"What's your favorite art form(s)?"

I kind of have the belief that life is art. So I dig living art.

Body art/manipulation. In it's many varied and messed up shapes and forms. Tattoos, piercings, implants, scars, brands, dreads, contacts, whatever you got. All of it and more.

..and then there's organic architecture :
I recommend an image search.

More conventionally, surrealism in paint and sculpture.

And on a personal level there is something awe inspiring about drawing just a few simple black lines on a piece of paper and making the world smile.

[Image: iHJLJonz.jpeg]
I also like Anime. Colorful or cute or scenary style.
furry art is my favorite style of art
I like anime
Propaganda art intrigues me.
I do my art the old fashioned way, with a sharp stick.
abstract... something colorful or with illusions
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