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Full Version: The Long Hope
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One of my favorite pictures.

[Image: 14457_zps8819db94.jpg]
I like this!
How this picture taken ? Smile
Nice picture btw
They had a film crew following them as they climbed it likely the photographer repelled from the top down and setup at certain points.

Trailer for the film

Link to download

If you look at this image of the entire route he is 2/3 of the way to the top.
[Image: Hoy-longhope-topo-Shoot-Plan-1-copy-copy.jpg]
Man that is so dangerous ...

Reminds me of working for achievements on KAT Wink
daring snap
I've always found pics like that are cool to look at, but I'd be scared sh*tless if it were me being the one hanging like that Big Grin looks like his left hand is giving the ledge the finger !
(Nov 27, 2013, 01:47 am)ViperScale Wrote: [ -> ]One of my favorite pictures.

[Image: 14457_zps8819db94.jpg]

Really felt the trill, it feels like i was pulled in to the picture lol

great picture btw.
I act like heights don't bother me when i find myself on them but I know I have a serious phobia whenever I see pics like this on the internet
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