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Full Version: Doctor Who: Greatest Monsters And Villains
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To celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, the BBC counts down the top ten monsters and villains as voted for by BBC viewers, now its your chance to vote for your favorite monsters and villains.

10 - The Judoon: Smith & Jones

[Image: p01lsl0r.jpg]


9 - The Silurians: A Good Man Goes to War

[Image: p01lsl5q.jpg]


8 - The Ood: Planet of the Ood

[Image: p01lsl7t.jpg]


7 The Clockwork Men: The Girl in the Fireplace

[Image: p01lslmx.jpg]


6 The Ice Warriors - Cold War

[Image: p01lslw2.jpg]


5 - The Cybermen: The Next Doctor

[Image: p01lsm1x.jpg]


4 - The Silence: The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon

[Image: p01lsm6w.jpg]


3 - The Master: Utopia

[Image: p01lsmf1.jpg]


2 - The Weeping Angels: Blink

[Image: p01lsmgg.jpg]


1 The Daleks - Dalek

[Image: p01lsmhk.jpg]

the cybermen (the originals, not the pussies they have now) were what scared me most as a kid. for my kids, it's the weeping angels. but when i think about it as seriously as you can think about fictional characters, the master is the perfect nemesis.
I totally agree with the BBC viewers, though I would have thought that the Oods would have a higher ranking.

Doctor Who never failed to deliver a good monster or villain, obviously the creators (from the beginning up to now) always have put great thought into them.
And I believe that's their secret. To also take the heroes opponents very seriously and put a lot of thought into them while writing the story.


The Silence sold me with their first dialogue.

*silence kills a lady*
Amy: Why did you do that? She didn't even remember you. Why did you kill her?"
Silence: Joy
Amy: What?
Silence: Her name was Joy.