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Full Version: Crazy Pop Ups
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Ive done some digging and couldn't a find topic that mentioned any fix for this (forgive me if there is a topic and I missed it). Ive been using TPB for a loooong time, but only within the last 6 months, every click is a pop up. Im just curious if I have to do anything to remove them. Yes, I have pop up blocker turned on. I frequently visit another site and they have the same thing, but once you register, no more pop ups. Not sure if its the same thing here.

The link I use is:
Just use Ublock Origin.

I don't think even the TPB mods themselves mind if you do use them or any ad blocker.
(Sep 19, 2023, 00:52 am)RobertX Wrote: [ -> ]Just use Ublock Origin.

I don't think even the TPB mods themselves mind if you do use them or any ad blocker.

Ill give that a shot. Thanks!

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but I'm a 75 year old veteran with some issues.

I've been using TPB for years and just recently registered.

My wife loves Hallmark movies and I've downloaded them from TPB for years for her.

In the last while, when I try to use TPB,  all I get is pop-up re-direction to spam, game, porno and download of apps loaded with viruses?

I'm not sure how to get TPB back to the way it used to be with a simple click and download use?

She's been missing a lot of her seasonal movies and I wanted to see if anyone here can help me download from TPB again?

Im using an Apple MACBook running OSX with Safari (I also tried Firefox .. same issue).

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you

I have merged your post into the existing thread on this topic.

You will need to install an ad-blocker to avoid pop-ups etc.

Firefox + Edge + Chrome:
Install both the following for safety.

I am not sure. Searching the Net gives you a few add-ons. You could try one of them.
Remember to use the official or trusted sites only.

Try it and write back if you still have trouble.

Good Luck.
Thank you very much!