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Full Version: TONS OF POPUPS
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Hey there,

I am getting a TON of popups when I try to enter anything or search for something.    I would gladly pay to avoid this.   Any way this can be resolved.  It has turned this site into poo.  

Same here, I'm getting 1 ad per every click, at least 4 ads each upload, the worst thing is that you get taken to the tab of the ad page, have to go back a page to the torrent upload page every time, this is happening with each click in the upload process, a real pain in the buttskis.
It can be and should be resolved, ad networks see a heap of visits from the same IP address as fraudulent, especially if from a VPN or proxy, hard enough to get these ad networks to pay up under normal circumstances let alone that, besides that, it's a pain for everyone.
Please mention your browser.

Use an ad-blocker (NoScript).

The site is in order.
(Jul 31, 2023, 03:41 am)SectorVector Wrote: [ -> ]Please mention your browser.

Use an ad-blocker (NoScript).

The site is in order.

Im getting popup on wanting to download torrent

Is this something i need to accept to allow torrent?

Browser chrome
Noscript installed.
It's an ad. Just install any ad block extension in chrome or you can also use brave browser which has inbuilt ad blocker.