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Full Version: Hard Time Romance (1991)
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Hey, this might be a long shot, but is there anybody out there with a copy of the 1991 film "Hard Time Romance"? It was very low-budget, shot in New Mexico, and released straight-to-video (possibly only in the LA area??)... also notable as John Lee Hancock's directorial debut. Oh, and it might have been sold/later released under the title "Vaya Con Dios" (not to be confused with the 2002 film of the same name). Been searching for this one for a few years. The closest I've ever gotten to even finding any evidence that it possibly still exists is a years' old Amazon listing where someone bought the VHS & left a review, but there was no way to contact that person. :/ Please help! My Mariska Hargitay collection won't be complete without it.