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Full Version: Request: 4x "HD Medium" Rifftrax Live mp4 files
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I am requesting the "Digital HD Video file formats - HD Medium" versions of 3x Live films + 1x Live short:
RiffTrax Live Reefer Madness - HD Medium (1.98 GB)
Rifftrax Live Manos The Hands Of Fate - HD Medium (1.8 GB)
Rifftrax Live Sharknado - HD Medium (2 GB)
Play Safe (Live Edition) - HD Medium (210.69 MB)

The existing shares of these files are not, or might not be original HD Mediums:

RiffTrax.Live.Reefer.Madness.2010.BDRip.720p.mkv 2,398,386,770bytes
>> via MEGA = bluray encode, not an HD Medium

RiffTrax LIVE - Manos_ The Hands of Fate.MP4 1,965,155,057bytes
>> via torrent = Writing app is TMPGEnc not's Lavf and the size is wrong, 1.83GB(torrent) vs 1.80GB(HD Medium)

RiffTraxLiveSharknado_HDmed.mp4 2,149,334,505bytes
>> via MEGA = size and writing application seem correct but there is no copyright in the metadata like all other Live files

Play Safe (Live).mp4 128,211,423bytes
>> via MEGA = writing application is blank in metadata and the size is wrong, 122.27MB(MEGA) vs 210.69MB(HD Medium)

I hope to create new p2p shares with a consistent HD Medium format.

Big thanks in advance.
Here's Play Safe (Live Edition) [HD Medium]

Glad I could make this small contribution to you bsg4you, after all you do for us.
Thanks so much!!!