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Full Version: Ravindrababu Ravula GATE Preparation Course request:
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Could someone please share the GATE preparation courses of Ravindrababu Ravula? He used to post his own course, and it used to be expensive. Now, he's with Unacademy and it's even costlier. 

There's no way most people can afford education these days. Could you share his CS & IT GATE Courses?

You could post it or teach me how to get it. I'll make a torrent and seed it, no matter how big it is. I've got enough internet. 

I'm linking the current page here where the paid courses are featured. (
Thank you so much. Hoping for early replies so that I don't have to waste months of my life.

I finally found the course, it's sorta big (>100GBs), so it might take me a while to download. But I'll make a torrent for the rest of yous who want it so badly when I'm done in a few days.
I'll also mention when I'll be seeding and where to reach me in order to request me to re-seed the torrent. G'day.