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I just want to say that the system that you've linked to is totally fine.  The problem with it though is that it's using Windows 11 Home.  I would suggest, if you buy that system, to delete Windows 11 Home and purchase another OEM of Windows 11 Pro instead as you will run into problems with having to be forced onto a Microsoft account.  The last thing you want is to be forced onto a Microsoft account when you use sites like TPB.  If you're planning on Pirating on this machine then Windows 11 Pro is a must and it would be best to repurchase it and then that way you don't have to be pushed to have anything that forces you to register on Microsoft because that way they will know everything about who you are etc..

The best way when it comes to Windows 11 Pro is simply just download the entire thing to a USB stick as a full download and then just install it from a USB slot while your machine is completely removed from the internet.  Then after you've done that set your machine up and make sure it has a local account instead and then you'll be fine.  Probably a good idea to search on youtube to find good methods for blocking Windows telemetry while you pirate and also make sure to have a good quality VPN while you surf the internet to be on the safe side.

I do all this myself and I'm completely safe from harm and I have to say that Windows 11 is really good there's nothing wrong with it at all it's perfect and works just as good as Windows 10 does.  A Microsoft account would be a huge mistake in the world of Pirating and I would suggest that Windows 11 Home would be a huge mistake so you should really sort that out before you do anything else.  I have been doing tinkering recently with Windows and I find Windows 11 to be very much the same as 10 just the look is different it does and works in exactly the same way.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with W11 it works like a dream come true and I'm 100% with mine so I have multiple machines now all running the same and just wow especially if you use it on a fast M.2 SSD inside your PC.
Funny thing happens. I format my extra 1 TB SSD that hold 250 GB of Programs I installed so I can prepared to swap to my new Omen computer. Somehow the old Windows 7 computer has not shut down lately, and my computer has been running for 2 to 3 hours lately. Maybe some viruses or malwares were running on my 1 TB SSD? 

Update: That was good for awhile but in a few days the monitor, mouse, and keyboard start to turn off again. So that's not the case, but I got the new Omen computer.
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