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Full Version: 100 Streaming US Cable channels (free)
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These three links each offer as much as 100 US Cable TV channels streaming for free (no login req'd!)
Oddly, they require you to using a VPN IP address for access beyond a few minutes. They are always up 24/7 , always on and include each channels broadcast schedule. Great for Live sports and Cable Movie Channels like HBO. The streams never stutter and no malware or pop up ads either.


Does anyone know of a similar service offerring an assortment of Euro or Aussie channels?
I don't use those, but I use a TV box for IPTV and they do have European and Australian (I think) channels.

EDIT: I also use this:
IPTV pirating might be your answer, but you'll have to do some digging
web-sites like afford free iptv links but they constantly stop playing after 5-10 seconds of playback and you have to click 'play' button to reopen the feed and then it continues, it sucks, so I can't use it, I don't remember where I got most of my feeds, but they are live for more than 1 year but tose are american and uk feeds (tcm, bbc1-4, etc)