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Full Version: All PB files are renamed in my cllient
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No matter what PB proxy or torrent client i use, the files rename themselves as per the attached image below.
I have added both the PB site and client as exceptions in my AVG

Is there something I am missing?

Any help needed is much appreciated.
Have you ever thought about not using Proxies and instead using the real TPB site which is on the bottom of the forum page?

If you have your own VPN then surely you could access the correct site?

Downloading from a bad proxy can lead to all kinds of problems including the one you mention.

For the last many years I've always used the real TPB site and the best VPN that money can buy and I've never had a problem that way...  Always important to use ad blocking software.

Bearing in mind that third party proxies are nothing to do with the real TPB site and are controlled by third parties would want to cause disruption in your file sharing world which is not exactly fun for the person affected but is for the people who create it originally...
Thanks, that seemed to work. Also, I didn't realise proxys could be dodgy. Noted.