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Full Version: Toliss A319 to A320
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(May 28, 2022, 21:15 pm)rhenies Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone, this is now my take for Toliss A319 to A320. Although, the liveries are not compatible like the SkyTo A320/ JackSparrow A320. This mod has all working animations and everything. Nothing's broken. 

This mod uses its own livery. The livery arrangement is like this: 

Fuselage: My Paintkit/Toliss A321's livery
Wings: Toliss' A319 wing
All other stuffs: A319 

Meaning that the Fuselage livery is the only thing you need to work at.

Make a backup of your A319 first. After that, just drag the "Objects" and "A319.acf" file inside your A319 folder. Dragging the Liveries is optional because it only includes three Liveries. Pal, Cebu and AirAsia Phil. 

Link for the Mod:

Link for the Fuselage Paintkit:

Link for the Lufthansa livery:

link is down
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