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Full Version: [Request] Ricky Nelson Original Teen Idol (Biography) 1999
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It was on cable, I recorded it on VHS then lent it out, never to get it back. Can't seem to find it anywhere, but was a really great video.
please, anyone?
H264/AAC magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:24E338233D8E7826D4CCE20E71850C68BBB94DF9&dn=Ricky%20Nelson%20Original%20Teen%20Idol%20%281999%2c%20VH1%29&
Torrent-file link

There is a problem with the rip, this is its A:R, it's forced 16:9 stretch from 4:3, correct it back to 4:3 in your media player,
in VLC it'd be: right mouse click on the video space->Video->Aspect ratio->4:3
Quality is not so good even tho its in 720p
[Image: ricky02.png]
[Image: ricky01.png]