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Full Version: Law School Books needed
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  • Text Books
  • Modern Trial Advocacy by NITA

  • Duty & Art of Advocacy by Hon. Sir. Malcolm Hilbery

  • TrialBook Draft 3rd Edition by John Sonsteng

  • Advocacy by David Ross QC

  • First Steps in Advocacy by Leo Page

  • Advocacy Legal Skills Series

Books on Advocacy or
Extracts from Books

  • The Tools of Argument – How the Nest Lawyers Think, Argue & Win

  • Point Made – How to write like the Nation’s Top Advocates

  • The Art of Persuading Judges – Antonia Scalia

  • Client Interviews – A Collaborative Approach

  • Judge’s Views – Things Lawyers do that Annoy Judges, things they do that Impress Judges

  • Living a Life of Excellence as a Legal Professional by Justice Egonda-Ntende