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Full Version: How Many Torrents safe to seed at once?
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My external with my entire music collection got fried and all the recovery software I found somewhere (hmmm...where?) could not fully reconstruct it. I am now in the process of rebuilding it.
I have found so many torrents with only one or two seeders, that I want to keep as many of these open as I can.  I am just worried about overload or damage to my system.

I am running a Win 11 with an Intel-7 quad-core with 16GB of RAAM.  My CLient is qBittorent.

Any ideas?
The only thing you should worry about is your hard drive. I fried one by torrenting once (it left burn marks on the table too), but that was ten years ago - I am sure technology has caught up since. Anyway, If you are worried, most torrent clients let you set limits for open connections / active torrents / bandwidth / etc. My client (transmission) by default limits connections to max 200 total and max 50 pr torrent, and starts pausing torrents when I have more than 10 active.
Would brand reliability be a factor, ill88eagle?
I really am focusing on keeping open poorly seeded torrents once I am done recreating my collection.  They will be mostly inactive as they are not frequently sought out anymore.  I do want to make sure they are available for those who have a passion for Rock.
Given that almost all the torrents will be inactive, how many do you think I can keep open at once  50?  100?

I just don't know and any specific help would be great.

BTW, I am using a Dell computer.
I have seeded as many as 75 or 80 at a time between two clients using a Windoze OS without problems.  I also fried a hard drive while torrenting about 14 years ago.  Fortunately, no actual flames shot out and the data was recoverable.  Elevating the rear end of the laptop and making sure that your main vents are not blocked is the usual solution for that problem.

EDIT:  Also, your external HD should not be producing any heat at all.  If it is, you need a new one.