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Full Version: MOBILedit forensic Express Pro Help
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Hello, I am having an issue, when attempting to use the keygen and crack file.  It's probably something really simple.  Yet my brain can not grasp what i'm doing wrong.  Like my father always said "boy, if you weren't useless, you'd be nothing at all.". Love you, dad! 

Moving forward.  I downloaded torrent after adding .dil file exclusion in windows defender and also stopping real-time protection.  The read me said to 
copy crack file to program files. Also to reg file with keygen.  I have never used a keygen before.  I tied to youtube but I couldn't find anything my useless brain could take from the videos and apply them to my issue.  After I copied crack file, attempted what i think i was supposed to do with keygen,  Which was adding my name and a company name.  clicked activate for the serial number to show up, and then hit modify host file.  I kept getting an error at first stating it couldn't add to the host file. After a couple of attempts, it said it was modified and also activated.  When i'd try then open the application.  The cmd screen would pop up saying it created a crash dump file. and it would close and nothing.  I'm using windows 10 pro OS and I used Winrar to open the .rar file.  

If anyone has a moment to maybe help a dumb dumb out.  I would be extremely grateful 

Thank you